Plastic Fiber Patch Cable

Plastic fiber optic patch cords possess special characteristics that make this product an ideal solution for applications which traditional glass fiber products are not well suited. For applications requiring a very tight bend radius, POF products can generally bend to 25mm with no excessive attenuation. For visible light laser applications, POF assemblies can transmit the signal such that it is visible to the human eye, making the user aware of its attachment to an active laser and allowing them to avoid associated dangers. POF fiber optic patch cord products also have a very wide tolerance for scratching and contamination from the field. This tolerance allows the product to perform at acceptable level despite some compromise in physical condition.

Our plastic fiber optic patch cables include Agilent HFBR series Simplex Latching and Duplex Latching types,DVD toslink series Bare Outer Molding and Plastic Outer Molding and Metal Outer Shell,CD Mini plug series Bare Outer Molding and Plastic Outer Molding,plastic optical fiber adaptors ,plastic fiber optic sensors ,MOST/SMI/SMA products ,etc.

fiber optic patch cable Features:
Large core size
Low cost
Field service tolerant
Multitude of connector options

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