Multi Fiber Cable Assemblies

Multi fiber optic cable assemblies have been designed to allow for a high degree of flexibility and customization. By providing virtually limitless options, we are able to ensure that you receive a fiber optic cable designed for your specific needs. Our development and manufacturing teams work closely together to guarantee the highest level of precision each and every time.

Multi fiber optic cable assemblies Can be factory installed in innerduct
100% tested, results shipped with multifiber assemblies
Your choice of name brand or globally sourced components
Available in indoor or outdoor solutions
Specialized pulling eye available for longer, high fiber count and shorter, smaller fiber count assemblies.
Furcation tubing

Simple and quick installation combined with superior performance of the Multi fiber optic cable assemblies can only mean one thing: Atrone Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cables. Atrone starts with superior fiber optic cable and top-of-the-line connectors and then constructs each pre-terminated cable assembly to exact specifications with precision and quality only achievable in a controlled environment. Insertion loss and visual defects are minimized through the use of video magnification and interferometers test every cable for accurate end-face geometry. Giving you performance and reliability that far exceed industry standards in less time and at a lower cost.

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