MTRJ to FC fiber optic patch cord

We are patch cord supplier, we offer fast delivery for MTRJ to FC fiber optic patch cord.

MTRJ to FC fiber optic patch cord Ordering information:
Termination connectors: FC,SC,MU,LC,ST, D4,DIN,E2000 MT-RJ,MPO ,SMA
Ferrule Interface type: PC, UPC, APC
Fiber diameter(mm): Φ 0.9, φ 2.0, Φ 3.0
Fiber cores: duplex fiber core,Simplex fiber core
Fiber type: multimode(50/125)/(62.5/125) ,Singlemode(G. 652, G655)
Cable length: can be customized

Our company are patch cord supplier in China,MTRJ FC fiber optic patch cord features Good Durability,Good exchangeability and High precision alignment .

MTRJ patch cord is with MTRJ fiber optic connector.Here the MT-RJ stands for Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack.MT-RJ connector is very popular for small form factor devices due to its small size.

MT-RJ features two-fiber connection ,that is to say ,two fiberglass connection within one MT-RJ fiber optic connector. another special point is MT-RJ is with plastic housing and plastic ferrule. there are female type MT-RJ fiber optic patch cord and male type MT-RJ fiber optic patch cords, the difference is male type MT-RJ is with two pins on each of the MT-RJ fiber optic connector.We are MTRJ FC patch cord company and manufacturer,we offer fast delivery and custom made service.

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