Mode Conditioning Fiber Optic Patch Cord

When using multimode 62.5/125µm optical fibre for transmitting Gigabit data over distances greater than 300 metres, a Mode Conditioning Patch cord must be used at each transmitter/receiver. This is because when a singlemode laser is launched into the centre of a multimode fibre it may cause differential mode delay (DMD) effects that generate multiple signals. The Mode Conditioning Patch cord overcomes this problem by launching the laser light from the transmitter into a single mode fibre which is aligned with a precise offset from the centre of the core of a 62.5/125µm fibre in the “mode conditioning” part of the patch cord. The output from the patch cord is then compliant with the IEEE 802.3z standard for 1000Base-LX.

Mode Conditioning Patch Cords are not recommended for short transmission distances – a few tens of metres – as bit errors may occur/increase.

We have mode conditioing patch cord are used with SC equipment,LC equipment and MTRJ equipments.
It is customized with different connectors like SC LC FC ST MTRJ connectors.

Contact us for a quotation and please specify the cable length.

Features for Mode conditioning patch cord (MCP)
Eliminates issues related to Differential Mode Delay (DMD)
Compliant with IEEE 802.3z
Low Insertion Loss (<0.4dB)
Available with 50um and 62.5um multimode cable
Rugged Offset Closure with Consistent Offset
Available with 50um and 62.5um multiple mode cable
Applications for Mode conditioning patch cable:
multiple mode cable runs greater than 50 feet
Gigabit Ethernet 1000 base-LX (1,300nm long wavelength)
Long haul to short haul LX Gigabit system

Mode conditioning patch cable (MCP) is a duplex multiple mode cable that has a small length of single mode fiber at the start of the transmission length.

Without using Mode conditioning patch cord , multiple signals are generated when a singlemode laser launch into the center of a multimode fiber. This would result in pulse broadening .

Mode Conditioning Patch cord is also known as Gigabit Launch Patch cord,which is used in longwave/ long haul (LX/LH) Gigabit Interface Converter (GBICs) with multimode fiber

The basic principle of Mode conditioning patch cable is to launch laser into the small section of single mode fiber. The other end of single mode fiber is coupled to the multi-mode section of the cable.

When launching into a Multimode fiber, the transceivers can generate multiple signals that cause differential mode delay (DMD), which limit transmission distances.

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