Foundry 10G-XNPK-ER

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Foundry 10G-XNPK-ER transceiver general info
This Foundry compliant 10G-XNPK-ER is a 10GBASE-ER XENPAK 1550nm 40km transceiver module. The 10G-XNPK-ER transceiver module provides a low cost high-performance connection. The 10G-XNPK-ER is 100% compatible with all Foundry series switches and modules which support XENPAK transceivers.

Foundry 10G-XNPK-ER detailed specs
Form Factor: XENPAK
Device Type: Transceiver module
Interface (Bus) Type: Plug-in module
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Application: 10GBASE-ER
Data Transfer Rate: 10Gbps
Wavelength: 1550nm
Max Distance: 40km
Fiber Type: SMF
Connector: DuplexSC
Operating Temperature: 0~70 °C
Compliant with MSA XENPAK Specification

A fiber optic transceiver is a device used to transmit and receive optical signals in a optical network. Optical transceiver facilitates bi-directional data transmissions between electronic devices (e.g., computer, input/output system, peripheral device, or switch) and optical data links in fiber optic systems. Fiber optic transceivers can interface with single mode and multimode fiber cable. Single mode is an optical fiber that will allow only one mode to propagate. The fiber has a very small core diameter of approximately 8 µm. It permits signal transmission at extremely high bandwidth and allows very long transmission distances. Multimode describes a fiber optic cable, which supports the propagation of multiple modes. Multimode fiber may have a typical core diameter of 50 to 100 µm with a refractive index that is graded or stepped. It allows the use of inexpensive LED light sources and connector alignment and coupling is less critical than single mode fiber. Distances of transmission and transmission bandwidth are less than with single mode fiber due to dispersion.

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