Fiber Optic Patch Cord Supplier

We are specialized fiber optic patch cords supplier, our products are used for linking the equipment and components ,we have fiber patch cable with different fiber connector types,our low insertion loss and low back reflection .patch cord is widely applied in Telecommunication Networks ,Gigabit Ethernet and Premise Installations .

Fiber optic patch cord Ordering information:
Connector 1: LC, FC, SC, ST, MTRJ, DIN, D4, E2000, MPO
Connector 2: LC, FC, SC, ST, MTRJ, DIN, D4, E2000, MPO
Ferrule Interface type: UPC, APC
Fiber cores: Simplex, duplex
Fiber type; Singlemode(G. 652, G655), multimode(50/125)/(62.5/125),OM3
Fiber diameter(mm): Φ 0.9, Φ 2.0, Φ 3.0
Fiber length:Customize length

Features of fiber optic patch cord
1. Low insertion loss and High Return Loss
2. Fully compliant with standards of IEC and YD-T826/1996
3. Temperature stability: Operating temperature: -20 to +75°C
4. High durability, more than 500 times mating.
5. Individual package with detail information label.
6. All patch cords are 100% tested

Here are our competence strength of us as the fiber optic patch cord supplier

01. Best Products Quality. ATRONE is well known for the high quality, which is the reason world famous company choosing us as their supplier for the fiber optic cable and equipment device. ATRONE offer good fiber optic cable price for the products include various kinds of riser fiber optic cables, plenum fiber optic cables and LSZH fiber optic cables, fiber optic cable, bulk fiber optic cable, plenum cable, fiber optic cable assembly, ATRONE is the trusted factory for the customer to buy fiber optic patch cables

02. ISO9001 certified Factory. ATRONE has invested two factories, one is for fiber optic products, the other is for network cabling and connectivity products, bulk lan cables like Cat5e bulk cable, Cat6 Bulk cable, Cat6a bulk cable in standard package 1000ft/box, we also produce large quantity Cat5e patch cables, Cat6 patch cables in UTP and FTP, OEM printing on the jacket and bags are available , The cabling products also include Cat5e Keystone jack, Cat6 keystone jack, The QC department 100% make inspection for these products , from the aspects to test with Cat5e patch panel and Cat6 patch panel.
We supply one stop solution for structured cabling products, so the production line also include Voice patch panel , 110 wiring block and faceplate .surface mounting box .All the products can pass Fluke test . As per our customer demand , we also could provide network rack , PDU socket , etc with great quality control under the management of ISO9001.

03. Custom Manufacturing . We have our own factory for the fiber optic cables, we keep stock for the standard fiber optic patch leads we can provide OEM service for custom fiber optic patch cord, equivalent with 3M fiber optic cable assembly, the fiber cables are available OM3 fiber optic cables , OS1 fiber optic cables , these fiber cables can work very well. We have very good quality control and powerful R&D to make sure quality match the international standard. the performance is same as Corning fiber optic cable assembly ,and Belkin fiber optic cable assembly.

04. Nearly 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of fiber cable and related fiber optic cable management and fiber optic splice devices. As professionalfiber optic cable supplier , ATRONE offers a complete family of high performance single mode fiber cables and multimode fiber cables, including loose tube cable, flame retardant loose tube cable, indoor fiber optic cable, outdoor fiber optic cable and distribution fiber cable, and patch cord/pigtail cables. Each fiber optic cable is tested to specifications after cabling to ensure consistent quality and dependability. By using advanced equipment and high quality materials as well as skilled workers and strict quality control, our fiber jumpers feature the stable high quality. We offer the fiber jumpers with reasonable prices and very prompt delivery. . We hope to be your one stop source to buy fiber optic patch cable.

Thank you for visiting with ATRONE , the fiber optic patch cord manufacturer and fiber optic patch cord supplier of fiber optic cables and connectivity products, We stock fiber optic cable assemblies in 10 gigabit laser-optimized and standard 50 micron multimode, 62.5/125 multimode, single mode and mode conditioning cables. ATRONE has every combination of connectors available including LC, SC, ST and MTRJ. For special one, please email to us, we will produce for you. And every fiber jumper that we ship out is individually tested and comes with a lifetime guarantee. We look forward to do business with you with high quality products and great service.

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