Fiber Optic Adapters

Fiber optic adapters are used to link fiber patch cables or fiber optic connectors. We supply various kinds of fiber optic adapters; types including single mode and multimode, LC, SC, ST, MU, FC, MTRJ, E2000, SMA, etc. these fiber optic adapters are reliable performance and good prices.

Because the fiber adapters should fit the according connectors, the fiber optic adaptors sides and shape are made as per the connectors. Generally, ST adapter and FC adapter are metal body, LC, SC, MU, MTRJ, E2000 types are non-metal body. Single mode fiber optic adapters are with ceramic sleeves, multimode fiber optic adapters are bronze sleeves. But you can also use ceramic sleeve fiber optic adapters to link multimode connectors.

The fiber optic adapters are many types because of the diversity of the connectors. There are female to female fiber adapters, and there are female to male type fiber adapters. If the fiber optic adapter is going to fit two different kinds of fiber connector, it is called hybrid fiber optic adapters, such as LC to SC hybrid adapter. Fiber optic adapters are simplex and duplex types.

fiber optic adapter features
Compact design
High precision alignment
Low insertion and return loss and back reflection*
Corrosion resistant body

fiber optic adapter applications
Local ring net
Optical fiber communication system
Optical fiber test equipment
Optical fiber sensor

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