Cisco GLC-FE-T-I Compatible 100BASE-T SFP Transceiver


Fiber Optic Transceiver Specifications

Cisco Part Number GLC-FE-T-IManufactured by Fiber Optic Patch Cable U.S.A
Fiber Connector SFPMax Data Rate 100Mbps
Cable Type Cat 5Max Working Span 100m
InterfaceRJ-45Digital Optical Monitoring No
Industrial Temperature Range -40 to 85C (-40 to 185F)Commodity code 8517706000

Product usage

Cisco GLC-FE-T-I is designed to use with so many types of Cisco equipment.

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-4TS-L
IE4000 Series-IE-4000-4T4P4G-E

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-16PTC-G-L

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-8TC-L

IE4000 Series-IE-4000-8T4G-E

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-16TC-G-X

IE2000U Series-IE 2000U-4TS-G

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-4S-TS-G-B

IE4000 Series-IE-4000-4GC4GP4G-E

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-16PTC-G-E

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-4TS-G-B

IE4000 Series-IE-4000-8GT4G-E

IE2000U Series-IE 2000U-16TC-GP

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-8TC-G-B

IE5000 series-IE-5000-16S12P

IE2000U Series-IE 2000U-16TC-G

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-8TC-B

IE4000 Series-IE-4000-4GS8GP4G-E

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-16TC-L

2000 Connected Grid Router Series-CGR 2010(Router Onboard Ethernet)

IE4000 Series-IE-4000-4TC4G-E

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-8TC-G-E

2500 Connected Grid Switch Series-CGS-2520-24TC

IE3010 Series-IE-3010-16S-8PC

IE2000 Series-IE-2000-16TC-G-NIE2000 Series-IE-2000-4TS-B IE4000 Series-IE-4000-16T4G-E IE2000 Series-IE-2000-16TC-G-E 2000 Connected Grid Router Series-GRWIC-D-ES-6S IE4000 Series-IE-4000-8S4G-E IE2000 Series-IE-2000-4S-TS-G-L IE4000 Series-IE-4000-8GS4G-E IE2000U Series-IE 2000U-8TC-G IE2000 Series-IE-2000-4TS-G-L IE4000 Series-IE-4000-4S8P4G-E IE2000 Series-IE-2000-16PTC-G-NX IE2000 Series-IE-2000-8TC-G-LIE5000 series-IE-5000-12S12P-10G IE2000U Series-IE-2000U-4S-G IE4000 Series-IE-4000-8GT8GP4G-E IE2000U Series-IE 2000U-16TC-G-X
IE3010 Series-IE-3010-24TC IE2000 Series-IE-2000-16TC-B 2000 Connected Grid Router Series-GRWIC-D-ES-2S-8PC IE3000 Series-IE-3000-8TC IE2000 Series-IE-2000-8TC-G-N 2500 Connected Grid Switch Series-CGS-2520-16S-8PC

Fiber Optic Patch Cord U.S.A

Fiber Optic Patch Cords U.S.A aim to consistently supply our customers with extensive product choices of the latest top of the line fiber optic transceivers and fiber patch cable assemblies products at competitive prices. We strive to offer the best China factory direct savings, end-to-end solutions, super product quality and availability, we also offer the superior service and special savings opportunities. Our clients are located across the U.S.A and Canada, such as in New York, New York, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, Arizona, San Diego, California, Dallas, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, Baltimore, Maryland, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Boston, Massachusetts, Charlotte, North Carolina, El Paso, Texas, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Washington, Fort Worth, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee, Portland, Oregon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Las Vegas, Nevada, and we ship goods to worldwide clients.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Manufacturer

Partnering with a varIE2000 Series-IEty of world class OEM manufacturers over 8 years, Fiber Optic Patch Cable U.S.A is able to provide customized and cost-effective solutions of high quality for all needs and specifications, including Optical design, Mechanical design, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout and Electrical design, Software & Firmware design, Integrated assembly, Specific labels, etc. With surging sales and favorable customer feedback, Fiber Optic Patch Cable U.S.A has been expanding rapidly across the world and is becoming the leading provider of the optical communication industry. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us [email protected].

Fiber Optic Transceivers Supplier

Fiber Optic Patch Cable U.S.A can provide the both ourselves forwarder and customer appointed forwarder in the way of Air, Sea, Road. Which is carrIE2000 Series-IEr by FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT and EMS. Your items are probably shipped at the same day (some transceivers can be delivered within 20 minutes). If we have no stocks in our warehouse, the ship will be delayed for 1-2 days. DHL will take 2-4 business days for delivery and FedEx just needs 1-3 business days. For Spain, Italy, Brazil and some other countrIE2000 Series-IEs, items will take longer time to arrive due to customs clearance period.
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