Armored Fiber Patch Cable

Armored fiber optic patch cords is  with flexible steel tubes inside the outer jacket as the armor, which protect the fiber glass inside, and armored fiber optic patch cords are with specially made stronger connectors.

Armored fiber optic patch cord retain all the features of standard patch cord, but they are much more stronger. The armored fiber optic patch cables will not get damage even it is stepped by an adult, and they are anti-rodents, when they use such armored fiber optic patchcord, people do not need to worry that the rodent animals like the rats may bite the cables and make them broken. Although armored fiber optic cables are strong, they are actually as flexible as standard fiber optic patch cords; they can be bend randomly without being broken.

The armored fiber optic patch cable can be made similar outer diameter with the standard patch cords, this make them space saving. What is more, they can be with different jacket colors and jacket types such as OFNR etc. and the armored fiber optic patch cords are actually light weight, they are just as easy to handle as electric cables, the armored fiber optic patchcords can be with SC, ST, FC, LC, MU,SC/APC, ST/APC,FC/APC,LC/APC etc types of terminations.

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