Fiber Optic Patch Cord

FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, MT-RJ, MPO, MTP, DIN, D4, SMA, Escon, E2000, SC/APC, FC/APC, ST/APC, LC/APC, E2000/APC , MTP/APC and MPO/APC terminations. Rugged fiber optic patch cords and 10 Gig fiber optic patch cord available / RoHS compliant patch cord available.

Atrone fiber optic patch cords are manufactured strictly according to international standard. We adopt high quality raw materials and we use on-site manufacturing equipment. Our skilled workers and quality control department work closely together to guarantee that every piece of our fiber optic patch cord is excellent quality and looking. Our fiber optic patch cords are fully compliant with international standards and are with very good quality and competitive prices.

Ordering information for fiber optic patch cord:
Fiber connector 1: LC, FC, SC, ST, MTRJ, DIN, D4, E2000, MPO
Fiber connector 2: LC, FC, SC, ST, MTRJ, DIN, D4, E2000, MPO
Ferrule Interface type: PC, UPC, and APC
Fiber cores: Simplex, duplex
Fiber type; Single mode (G. 652, G655), multimode (50/125)/ (62.5/125), OM3 cable
Fiber diameter (mm): Φ 0.9, φ 2.0, Φ 3.0
Fiber length; User-defined

Applications of fiber optic patch cords:
FTTH application
Premise installations
Data processing networks
Wide Area Networks (WANs)
Telecommunication networks
Industrial, mechanical and military

Multimode fiber optic patch cord has a large-diameter core that is much larger than the wavelength of light transmitted, and therefore has multiple pathways of light-several wavelengths of light are used in the fiber core.

Multimode fiber optic patch cord can be used for most general fiber applications. Use multimode fiber for bringing fiber to the desktop, for adding segments to your existing network, or in smaller applications such as alarm systems. Multimode cable comes with two different core sizes: 50 micron or 62.5 micron.

Single mode fiber optic patch cord has a small core and only one pathway of light. With only a single wavelength of light passing through its core, single mode realigns the light toward the center of the core instead of simply bouncing it off the edge of the core as with multimode.

Single mode is typically used in long-haul network connections spread out over extended areas–longer than a few miles. For example, telcos use it for connections between switching offices. Single mode cable features a 9-micron glass core.

Duplex fiber optic patch cable
Duplex fiber optic patch cord cable consists of two fibers, usually in a zip cord (side-by-side) style. Use duplex multimode or single mode fiber optic cable for applications that require simultaneous, bi-directional data transfer. Workstations, fiber switches and servers, fiber modems, and similar hardware require duplex cable. Duplex fiber is available in single mode and multimode.

Simplex fiber optic patch cables
Simplex fiber optic patch cord consists of a single fiber, and is used in applications that only require one-way data transfer. For instance, an interstate trucking scale that sends the weight of the truck to a monitoring station or an oil line monitor that sends data about oil flow to a central location. Simplex fiber is available in single mode and multimode.

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