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The Fiber Optic Multimeter intergrates both the optical power meter and optical light source to perform closed-loop tests by using both modules or working individually. It’s specifically designed for technical support to test a cariety of instruments with a single meter.

Handheld Optical Multi Meter, with Power Meter Module(850,980,1310,1550nm, dynamic range -70~+3dBm(OMM3204A) / -60~+10dBm (OMM3204B) /  -30~+20dBm (OMM3204C) /  -20~+30dBm (OMM3204D)), with Light Source module (1310/1550nm, output power -7dBm), FC/PC adaptor, handheld, standard accessories.

♦  Includes all the outstanding functions of the handheld power meter (OPM3203R)
♦  Includes all the outstanding functions of the handheld stable light source(OLS3104)
♦  Perfect combination to make your fiber measurements more convenient.
♦  Different light sources and power meters can be built into OMM3204

♦ Maintenance in telecom

♦ Maintenance CATV

♦ Test Lab of optical fibers

♦ Other Fiber optic measurements